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How to Choose the Best Hotel Room in London

The London landscape

London is a metropolis for accommodation, but with so many out there, it can be completely overwhelming to work out what’s right for you and your stay.

So, we’re breaking down the most important factors to consider when choosing the best hotel room in London.

Location is key

The wonderful thing about London is that you don’t need to be directly in the centre to enjoy the bustling city life. London is famed for having excellent transport across bus, tube and train, this access across the capital allows you to stay a little further from the noise whilst being a quick journey away from the joys of central London.

Staying outside the centre also gives you a great range of more budget-friendly options and allows you to enjoy a higher standard of stay for your money.

Comfort and style

Whether you’re into a chic, modern look or something quirkier, the range of hotels, apartments and B&Bs in and around London is astounding. From high-end to budget, each place has a unique feel. But how do you decide what is a perfect room and what is just style over substance?

A major thing to consider when choosing a room in London is noise. In a study by the Journal of Travel Research, 60% of travellers felt noise was a major factor in their stay. With the tiring nature of adventures across the city, you’ll want to rest up at the end of each day.

Quiet spots in the centre of London can be few and far between, so it’s worth considering staying outside the bustle for a little peace and rest.

Style might be subjective, but some core elements of a hotel room’s design are always appreciated. Lighting plays a huge role in our mood, with bright lighting giving us invigoration and energy and dimmer lights inducing calm. With this being said, the ideal room will have large windows to let in the light during the day and soft, dimmable lighting for evening relaxation.

When it comes to colour, there needs to be more empirical research on the best for calm and sleep. However, anecdotal evidence points overwhelmingly towards neutral colour schemes such as pastels and creams.

Fit for purpose

There are a bounty of reasons you could be visiting London, from work to pleasure, passing through or staying a while. Considering your reason and your requirements is an excellent way to narrow down your search.

If you’re travelling for work, look into places with workspaces, good Wi-Fi, and a calming environment. If you’re travelling for leisure, you might want to save some money on your accommodation to maximise your activities fund.

Another thing to consider is who you’re travelling with; families may want a place with a living area and kitchenette. Solo travellers and couples may opt for a studio or double room.

All roads lead to Brama

If the ideal place to stay is calm, stylish, well connected and flexible for all types of travellers, Brama is the perfect choice for your next visit.

Located in the heart of Bromley, just a short 20-minute train to the city centre, Brama is a boutique hotel that promises to be an incredible home for guests.

The hotel itself is set in the restored Bromley Old Town Hall, a landmark building that once saw many of the area’s most important happenings. There are 23 rooms ranging from the cosy shoebox to the sprawling suites, all of which are decorated with plush furnishings, neutral colours and an aesthetic that harks to the elegant art deco era.

For travellers on a work trip, Brama could not be a better choice. Alongside the relaxing decor and incredible travel links, Brama also shares Bromley Old Town Hall with Clockwise, one of multiple nationwide shared offices renowned for their stylish coworking spaces.

Explore the location, the hotel and the rooms of Brama on our website and consider this boutique hotel in the heart of Bromley when planning your next trip to the capital.