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Looking Outside London

Business in Bromley

London is undoubtedly the business hub of the UK, and a huge contender in the European business landscape as a whole. But with recent changes to our ways of working and operating, many businesses and employees are starting to think outside the capital. So, let’s explore one of the up-and-coming areas with the potential to rival London. 

Bromley is one of London’s biggest, most connected boroughs and is quickly becoming an attractive alternative to city centre enterprises. The town and surrounding areas boast incredible transport options, incentivised start-ups, access to great talent and more. 

Big business players have recognised the potential of Bromley for some time, with Bank of America, Capita and Direct Line all having a cemented presence throughout the borough. 

What makes this unassuming town in the heart of South East London so appealing, and could it be your new home for your business?

From Bromley to beyond

Transport is one of the greatest perks of life in Bromley. Depending on the station you choose to travel from, you can reach Victoria Station in 12 minutes, London Bridge in 35 and Waterloo in 35 too. Considering it can often take this amount of time (or longer) to travel in the city anyway, the speedy connection is a reassuring incentive for those central London meetings. 

There’s also great access to the whole South via road, with the M25 running nearby. And, if you operate internationally, London Gatwick, Heathrow and City are around 1 hour away. 

Business positive infrastructure

Whether you run a large-scale company or just starting, Bromley is set up to enable success. For pre-established enterprises, your access to office space at reasonable prices and travel links could be your biggest draw, but there’s another pool of resources you might not yet have tapped into. 

Bromley has a thriving community of highly skilled, highly educated professionals, many of who have left London for more affordable living. Of course, whilst many still commute regularly to London, bringing business to their doorstep is an attractive benefit for workers seeking to maximise their work-life balance. 

There’s also a lot to be said for the co-working potential of the town. There are a series of impressive co-working spaces throughout Bromley, including Clockwise. Situated in the heart of the Bromley in the stunning and historic Old Town Hall, Clockwise provides a flexible, full-service work, meeting and social space. Designed with leading interior partners, this location boasts six meeting rooms, including one in an old cell; the modern aesthetic with historic features provides a space as impressive and unique as any in the city. 

And, with its central location allowing for 20-minute access to London’s West End, you can easily transition from working hard to playing hard.

Running your own business? You’re in good company. Bromley has one of the highest percentages of self-employed people in the country, with 12.9% of people opting to be their own boss. There is also an incredible range of workshops and resources available to budding entrepreneurs.

To greener pastures

Situated in the green belt, Bromley is a brilliant mix of green space, industry and residential living. It was also recently voted the best place to live around London. Since the events of 2020 onward, London saw and continues to see a shift in how and where employees decide to work. As many choose greener environments and less hectic lifestyles, Bromley is becoming clear choice for Londoners.

Since businesses are beginning to think outside of the traditional geography of major cities, why not look to Bromley and experience the best of both worlds?

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